Clubbing Safety Tips

Number One: Please please please, do NOT drink and drive!

Take a cab, call a friend, use the bus, walk for two hours if that’s what it takes to get home safe.

It’s very frustrating that our public transit system in Victoria shuts down so early. Keep this in mind when travelling and be sure to have an alternate safe route home. You may want to put aside $30 or so in case you need to take a cab.

If you don’t live in the downtown core, the easiest thing to do is have several friends go in on a cab or get a hotel room. That way you can keep the party going.

As another option, you can have a group a friends go out together on a regular basis where each person agrees to be a designated driver in turn. This way no one person is always stuck playing “taxi” for everyone else.

Victoria is one of the safest cities in Canada. However here are some tips that can help keep you safe wherever you are.

Some basic safety tips when clubbing

  • Bring some extra cash that is not for drinks in case you need a cab ride.
  • Bring some flat shoes for later so you can walk comfortably.
  • Don’t talk to the looky-loos outside. If people ask you stupid questions about your sexuality or ask you to explain your style just walk away or go back inside.
  • Watch your drink. If you can’t look at it put your hand over the opening. If you set it down, get a new drink or have a trusted friend watch it for you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Say “hi” to all your friends when you see them. On the off-chance that something does happen, they will know you were at the club and go looking for you.

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