Getting Requests Played

Here are some general hints that can make it easier for you to get your requests played in a nightclub.

Best time to ask

Timing can be very important. The DJs are doing a ton of work. When we do our jobs you don’t notice all of the mixing, beat-matching, and audio manipulation. Most of the editing, looping, and cutting takes place at the beginning or the end of a song. So if you want to make a request, it’s best to ask in the middle of a song.

If your request is for something very new or obscure, the sooner in the night that you ask the better the chance you will get it played. Some DJs are hesitant to try out new tracks on a packed dance floor.

Knowing your Music

Know the band that you are requesting. Also, take the time to listen to what the DJ is playing and try to make your request fit in with the set. You can always check the setlists we have posted to learn about new music you may like and get a general idea of what we play.


Be polite. “Any chance you could work some Assemblage 23 into your set?” or something along those lines is a good way to ask. This lets the DJ know that you want to hear them but that you understand that mixing a track into a set is important for the flow of the dance floor.

If a DJ plays a song that you like, tell them. We gauge how we are doing by how many people are dancing. The songs that pack the floor are the ones that get played. So if you like a track, at least stand on the floor and move a little.

If you don’t recognize any of the music and you want to make a request, try naming some of the bands you like and asking if the DJ has anything similar.

If you have a lengthy list of music that you really need to hear, come early and pace your requests out through the night. Try to keep it to one request per DJ. Chances are you may request something the DJ was planning on playing anyway.

Some final suggestions

Be friendly and open to new music. You might not know every track but part of the fun of clubbing is hearing new tracks that make you move. Sit back, have a drink and enjoy the tracks. At the end of the night, it’s all about the party.

See you on the floor my friends,

Lord Caligari

Copyright 2011 Lord Caligari
 If you wish to re-post this, please link our site and give us credit. Thanks.

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