Vanity is Healthy

Getting dressed to go clubbing puts me in a mindset where I can let the mundane world slip away. As I add that last layer of hair spray I’m thinking to myself, “Tonight is going to be amazing.” When you dress counterculture every day, it can be a challenge to come up with something new or exciting to wear out dancing. But it is a challenge well worth taking. Vanity is healthy, indulge your visual senses and make the world look that much better. Dressing to impress sets the tone for your night, the better you look the better you will feel.

If you used to dress well every day

You’ve got a closet full of extreme fashions, tailored suits, and punk staples. You look good and you know it. But as time goes by our velvet wears thin, the PVC gets cracked, and the soles of our favorite boots let in the rain. When work gets in the way we sometimes make excuses to dress down when we do go out. It might be time to kick yourself in the ass and gear up again. You are NEVER to old to look good. It’s only the mainstream that wants to reserve fashion for the under-20 set.

You already know how to look in the mirror and dress to impress. So re-think your old wardrobe, dust off those boots and get the soles fixed. Repair your favorite club wear. Get it tailored if you need to let it in or out. Even the simplest of outfits will look better if it fits you perfectly. Get out there and show ‘em how it’s done.

So you think you’ve got style?

If you’re already dressing to the nines, good. I can’t wait for you to show up at a Circuit Breaker and blow our minds with your style. We need more people like you.

There are few feelings that compare with looking in the mirror and thinking, “I look great.” We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with images from mainstream media that teach us that we should strive for an impossible ideal. We’ve been subconsciously sold the idea that if we buy the latest i-device, perfume, or blue jeans, that this will somehow make us better. Marketers want us to think they will guide us to the mecca of cool.

Why not turn the idea on its head and sell yourself the idea that you know what is cool? Trust in your own body and mind. Look to the world and see what inspires you to create your own sense of fashion. In the counterculture, we have the freedom to experiment with everything.

The body is a canvas; make yourself a work of art

People who have been socialized as male can especially benefit from this attitude. Far too often I hear men complain, “I wish I could dress better.” Males are taught that being well dressed is a sign of weakness and femininity. This is counter to our emotional well being as a society. You can be masculine, handsome and fashionable.

Far too often, women are sold a confusing double standard: Dress sexy, risk being labeled a slut; dress poorly and risk being called dull. What many women fail to realize is that covering up can be sexy. Elegance and self-confidence can do what miles of bare skin will never accomplish. This goes for men as well. Sexy isn’t showing up in your smallest skirt; it’s putting the details into an outfit to sculpt your natural look into something unnaturally exquisite.

I often hear women tell my female friends things like, “I love your hair, I wish I could pull that off.” You can pull it off. Just go out and do it.

But how? It’s easier than you think. Go out and start looking for clothes you love. Don’t settle for OK, get the most outrageous and excellent attire you can find. Build up your basic blacks and move out from there. The next time you look in the mirror before you go out you’ll feel confident and proud of who you are.

People who’ve got style want to be around other people who dress well. Look to art, music, architecture, fetishism, and the natural world. You can find inspiration for extreme clothing everywhere.

Lord Caligari

Copyright 2011 Lord Caligari
If you wish to re-post this, please link our site and give us credit. Thanks.

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