October 2011 setlists

OCTOBER 9 , 2011 (* denotes request)

Gp. Munster:
Monty Cantsin – Neoism Now
Nash the Slash – Swing Shift
Greater Than One – Deep Shake
Chris and Cosey – In Ecstasy
Severed Heads – We Have Come To Bless This House
Throbbing Gristle – Untitled #7 from Heathen Earth
Cabaret Voltaire – The Operative
Der Plan – Gummitwist
Kraftwerk – The Robots (program mix)
Monopol – Weises Haus
Skinny Puppy – Icebreaker
Nocturnal Emissions – Metal Frames
Gary Numan – Dead Heaven
Astma – Telephone Terror
Seelenkrank – Lady Vampire
Laibach – Achtung!
Soviet Radio – Love is a War
Ad:Key – Gruene Augen Luegen
Bodycall – Naked Life
DHI – Climbing
Front Line Assembly – Final Impact*
Dive – Dead or Alive
Covenant – Bullet (club mix)*
Rotersand – Dare to Live
And ONe – Krieger
Alien Vampires – See You In Hell
Blutengel – Navigator

Set list missing … comming soon, maybe

IAMX – Pretty Little Angel
Diary of Dreams – Blind in Darkness
Namnambulu – Pause
Imperative Reaction – As We Fall
Eco – Ich Will Dich
Icon of Coil – Access and Amplify
Mind.in.a.box – 8 Bits
Grendel – Soilbleed
Herzshlag – Dein Lied
And One – Love and Fingers
VNV Nation – Kingdom
Tactical Sekt – Without Restraint
Project Pitchfork – Requiem
Ayria – My Disease
Covenant – Tour de Force
Collide – Complicated
Assemblage 23 – Skin
Funker Vogt – Final Thrill
Alice in Videoland – Weird Desire
E Nomine – Vater Unser
NeuroticFish – I Don’t Need This City
Qntal – Ecce Gratum (club version)
Suicidal Romance – We’re Wanting More
Apoptygma Berzerk – Love Never Dies


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