June 2013 Setlists

Another fun night!
This marks the 2 1/2 year point for Circuit Breaker.
(* marks a request.)

DJ Murnau

Throbbing Gristle – Hot on the Heels of Love
Nash the Slash – Reactor #2
Trans-X – Living on Video
Die Krupps – Wahre Arbeit Wahre Lohn
Gothic Archies – The World is a Scary Place
Volt 9000 – Speak and Spell
Einsturzende Neubauten – Tanz Debil
Dirtdish – Motor Rape 2000
Skinny Puppy – Chainsaw
Front Line Assembly – Final Impact
Boris Karloff – Civil Defense PSA
Soviet Radio – Dark Days
Chris and Cosey – Love Cuts
Club 69 – Warm Leatherette
Ionic Vision – Synthetic Sex
Orange Sector – Violent Order
I: Scintilla – Skin Tight
Nousuf-X – Krach Bumm
Cynical Existence – Face of God
Mechanical Moth – Gateway
Funker Vogt – Mein Weg
Rotersand – Lifelight (reconstructed)

DJ Corvix

Edge of Dawn – Damage
Pride and Fall – Elements of Silence
Destroid – Lucretia My Reflection
… X Marks the Pedwalk – Wipe No Tears
Neuroactive – Neuron (Neurotronic Mix)*
Tactical Sekt – Chosen One
Evil’s Toy – Vanished Soul*
Covenant – Like Tears in Rain (Extended)
Mesh – Automation Baby
Grendel – Aspiration Feed
Asphyxia – Sense of Decay
Dead When I Found Her – New Age of Reason
XP8 – Dreamt of Blue
Tristesse de la Lune – Queen of the Damned
Panic Lift – No Trace to Love
Leæther Strip – Strap Me Down

DJ Saccharide setlist to come.


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