Setlists 17 November 2013

Another night down!

DJ Murnau
Soviet Radio – Shifting
Nash the Slash – Dance After Curfew
Chris and Cosey – Exotica
Throbbing Gristle – Discipline (Berlin version)
Sleep Chamber – Fetish
Skinny Puppy – Ice Breaker
Cabaret Voltaire – Do the Mussolini
Yello – Bananas to the Beat
Kraftwerk – The Robots (Robotronik mix)
Severed Heads – Come Visit the Big Bigot
Zlad – Elektronik Supersonik
Rational Youth – Saturdays in Silesia
Aircrash Bureau – Machine
Club 69 – Warm Leatherette
Cat Rapes Dog – God Hates Christians
AD:Key – Hoch Die Haemmer
Pankow – Let Me Be Stalin
Covenant – Bullet (Club version)

DJ Saccharide
(setlist missing)

DJ Corvix
Vicious Alliance – Crushed by the System
Colony 5 – Knives
Leæther Strip – Strap Me Down…
Anders Manga – Solitary Heaven
Covenant – Last Dance (Version)
Die Form – Slave Sex
Waves Under Water – Serpents and the Tree
Clan of Xymox – There’s No Tomorrow
Sister Machine Gun – Sins of the Flesh
Deathline International – Open Your Eyes
Birmingham 6 – Mindhallucination
Laibach – Resistance is Futile
Lights of Euphoria – White Wall (State of the Union Remix)
Wardensphere – Bloodline
Wumpscut – Soylent Green
Distorted Memory – Raven Eyes
Aural Vampire – Darkwave Surfer
Rotersand – Exterminate Annihilate Destroy


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