Setlists 12 January 2014

Our third anniversary, nice to see everyone come out! Setlists:

DJ Murnau
Nash the Slash – Swing Shift
Severed Heads – Oscar’s Grind
Chris and Cosey – Love Cuts
The Normal – TVOD
Skinny Puppy – Worlocked
Birmingham 6 – Israel
Eisenfunk – Medieval Bit
Trans-X – Living on Video
Hilary – Kinetic
Front 242 – Lovely Day
Laibach – Geburt Einer Nation
Eisenfunk – Quattro
Solitary Experiments – Delight
Miss Construction – Eins und Zwei
Combichrist – This is My Rifle (AK-47 remix)
AD:Key – Gruene Augen Luegen
Wendy Carlos – excerpt from Timesteps (request)

DJ Corvix
Encephalon – Drop Dead
Necessary Response – Spilling Blood
XMH – Neon Venus…
.Com/Kill – Monster Divine
The Synthetic Dream Foundation – Blood Divine
God Module – Forseen
Das Ich – Opferzeit
Haujobb – Let’s Drop Bombs
Laibach – Resistance is Futile
X-Fusion – House of Mirrors
Project Pitchfork – Timekiller
Ego Likeness – Treacherous Thing
Pretentious, Moi? – Sense in Segments
The Beauty of Gemina – The Lonesome Death of a Goth DJ
Hocico – Bloodshed
Das Ich – Sodom und Gomorra
Black Heaven – Das Tor Zur Welt

(DJ Saccharide list to come)


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