Setlists 8 March 2015


DJ Murnau (after an unexpected electrical glitch)

David Bowie – All Saints
Emily – Bambi
Azar Swan – The Knife and The Wolf
Hunting Lodge – Tribal Warning Shot
Analogue Brain – Warm Leatherette (Metal Mix)
Greater Than One – All The Masters Licked You
Test Dept. – Comrade Enver Hoxha
Blutengel – Anders Sein
Nash The Slash – Dance After Curfew
Psyche – Unveiling The Secret (Memphis Mix)
S.P.O.C.K – Dr McCoy (Classic)
Civil Defense Spot: How Much Time Do We Have (Keep Working)
Chris & Cosey – Walking Through Heaven
Einsturzende Neubauten – Ein Stuhl in Der Hoelle
Blank – Eigengrau

DJ Saccharide

Ashbury Heights – Decent Cancer
And One – Deutschmaschine
Ego Likeness – Treacherous Thing (Deathproof remix)
Das Ich – Erde Ruft (remixed by Kramm)
Claire Voyant – Iolite (Octaine mix)
SITD – Tarnfarbe
Assemblage 23 – Awake (Imperative Reaction mix)
the Retrosic – Dragonfire
Heimataerde – Dark Dance (Medievalfloor)
the Azoic – Search and Destroy (Saviour Version)
Die Form – Inhuman
Attrition – Lip Sync (Reprise)
NeuroticFish – It’s Not Me
Solitary Experiments – Immortal (Icon of Coil Mix by Sebastian Komor)
Necessary Response – Forever
CYLiX – I Don’t Exist

DJ Corvix

BUCK-TICK – My Fuckin’ Valentine
DRP – Enkephalin
Soft Ballet – Virtual War
Psydoll – Happy Birthday
Blamhoney – Amplified Psycho Cell (Hyper Aesthesia Remake Version)
BiSkaidan – Stupig
Bespa Kumamero – Snipe_001
Aural Vampire – Darkwave Surfer
The Lady Spade – Sweetholic
Gothika – Army March Drawn Sword Police
Pride of Mind – Out of the Air
Velvet Eden – Velvet Eden
Kanon Wakashima – Kuroi Torikago
Seileen – Kyoraku
Schwarz Stein – Sleeping Madness
Vanished Empire – Hellfire Within Me
Demonoid 13 – Master of D
Toxic Strawberry – Beautiful Nightmare
Babymetal – Megitsune

Amazing all-Japanese EBM set!


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