Setlists: final Circuit Breaker, 15 May 2016

DJ Murnau

Emily Faryna – I’ve Got A Steel Bar In My Head
Residents – Hello Skinny
Manufacture – As the End Draws Near
Laibach – Bruderschaft
Severed Heads – Exploring the Secrets of Treating Deaf Mutes
Magnetic Stripper – Warm Leatherette
Einsturzende Neubauten – Vanadium I-Ching
VNV Nation – Legion
Covenant – Replicant
Solitary Experiments – Paradox
Bob Hope’s Nuclear Attack Public Service Announcement
Suicide – Ghost rider
Straftanz – Out of Time
Wumpscut – Soylent Green
Birmingham 6 – This Girl
Trauma – The City Sleeps (club mix)
Front Line Assembly – Mindphaser
Blutengel – Uns Gehort die Nacht
Corvus Corax – Avanti!

MP3 file of set, at a compact 48kbps:


DJ Corvix

C-Drone Defect – Morituri Te Salutant
Dead When I Found Her – Better Days
Krystal System – Un Etat D’hypnose
Sister Machine Gun – Sins of the Flesh
Numb – Ratblast
Spahn Ranch – Locusts
Front Line Assembly – Provision (Aphex Twin Mix)
Destroid – Revolution
Colony 5 – Knives
Das Ich – Opferzeit
The Private Gentlemen’s Yacht Club – Biscuitkunt
Rotersand – War on Error
Waves Under Water – Red Red Star
Pretentious, Moi? – Sense in Segments
Sara Noxx – Colder and Colder
Surgyn – Sharp as Stars
System Syn – Like Every Insect


DJ Saccharide

genCAB – Of Love and Death
Dismantled – Breed to Death
Numb – Blood (Crash and Burn edit)
Diary of Dreams – Giftraum
Heimataerde – Endlos
NamNamBulu – Memories
Necessary Response – Spilling Blood
Qntal – Am Morgen Fruh (remix by Bruno Kramm)
And One – Smalltown Boy (live)
FGFC820 – Martyrdom
Tactical Sekt – Without Restraint
Wumpscut – Christfuck
Faun – Rhiannon
the Last Dance – Fairytale the Storm (Form 30 mix)
Leæther Strip – Sex Dwarf
Hamtaro theme song
Switchblade Symphony – Dollhouse (Razed in Black mix)


G’nite, everybody!


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