Setlist: Erinnerung 11 Nov 18

Monkeying around with music, a fall mix on the day of the fallen.

Metropolis – Nash the Slash
Halloween – Sonic Youth
Bloody Pleasures – Blutengel
This is Me – Chris and Cosey
Hamburger Lady (Carter Tutti remix) – Throbbing Gristle
Basement – Skinny Puppy
Down in the Park (Club Mix) – Girls Under Glass
Emily – Clan of Xymox
When the Machines Rock – Tubeway Army
Dead Souls – Joy Division
Immobilized – Front Line Assembly
Underpass – John Foxx
Tannhäuser Gate – Electric Hellfire Club
This is the Ice Age – Martha and the Muffins
Ice Breaker – Skinny Puppy
Shipwrecked – The Gothic Archies
Numbers – Kraftwerk

MP3 sound file, at a thrifty yet lusty 64K:


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