PlagueList 1

For all those under house arrest right now… not a disease-themed set, just some things that sounded OK to me when played in sequence.

Stay well, everyone.

Race of Doom – Devo
Tanz Mit Laibach – Laibach
Final Solution – Père Abu
Taste of Cindy – Jesus and Mary Chain
Augenblick – Xmal Deutschland
Robot – The Plastics
Blue Monday – New Order
Lobotomy – NEON
Dominion – Sisters of Mercy
Uber den Horizont (Dance or Die remix) – Blutengel
Wolf – Nash the Slash
Lucky Number (Wir Leben Immer Noch) – Nina Hagen
Demolition Man – Grace Jones
Christine – Siouxsie and the Banshees
Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division
Tantalize – Chris & Cosey
I Die: You Die – Gary Numan

MP3 sound file, VBR 45-85K:


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