Plaguelist 5 – CandyCorny Halloween

Still more than a week to Halloween, but at this time of year I play homemade mix CDs of goofy old Halloween rock and surf music while making dinner. So I thought I would make a shorter set of mostly old stuff, but some goofy newer stuff as well. Enjoy!

Shadow Dance – Eyes of the Nightmare Jungle
Dry Bones Twist – The Drivers
Monster Party – Bill Doggett
It’s a Mummy – The Chimps
Strychnine – The Sonics
Watusi Zombie – Jan Davis
No More Hot Dogs – Hasil Adkins
Nosferatu – The 3-D Invisibles
Horror Beach – The Phantom Surfers
We Are The Gothic Archies – The Gothic Archies
Down in the Lab – Deadbolt
Vampira – Bobby Bare
Frankenstomp – Staan’s Pilgrims
Transylvania Twist – Baron Daemon and the Vampires
There’s a Creature in the Surfer’s Lagoon – The Deadly Ones
Dracula’s Daughter – The Woggles
Graveyard – The Blazers


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