January 2012 setlists

JANUARY 12, 2012 (* denotes request)

Nash the Slash – Reactor #2
Cabaret Voltaire – Spies in the Wires
Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened (spooky remix)
Skinny Puppy – Far Too Frail
Chris and Cosey – Lost
Hilary – Kinetic (remix)
Numb – Theme to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood
Encephalon – Rise
Die Sektor – Accelerant (request)
Laibach – Alle Gegen Alle
AD:Key – Lass Mich Los
And One – Wet Spot
Digital Poodle – Head of Lenin
Soviet Radio – Love is a War
Covenant – Leviathan
Eco – Hass und Liebe

Tactical Sekt – Bring me Violence
Hiemataerde – In Alle Ewigket
The Azoic – Conflict (combichrist remix)
Grendel – Hate This
Icon of Coil – Access and Amplify
Assemblage 23 – Let the Wind Erase Me
Funker Vogt – Fire and Forget
Alice in Videoland – Weird Desire
Switchblade Symphony – Dollhouse (Razed in Black mix)
NeuroticFish – Velocity
And One – Smalltown Boy (live)
mind.in.a.box – 8 bits
Namnambulu – Memories

Alice in Video Land – MF
Combichrist – Happy Fucking Birthday*
And One – Deutchmachine
Depeche Mode – Black Celebration
Grendel – Dirty
Projeket Pitchfork – Existence (VNV Nation Mix)*
Neurotic Fish – MFAPL
Android Lust – Slice of Life*
Snog – Cliche
Icon of Coil – Activate
Colony 5 – Accelerate
Assemblage 23 – I am the Rain
Ashbury Hights – Christ

Snuggle Duck:
Justice – Phantom
Yazoo – Don’t Go
Designer Drugs – The Terror
Sebastian – Greel
Mr. Oizo ft. Error Smith – Erreurjean
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the dark – Tesla Girls
The Cure – The walk
Crystal Castles – Baptism
Depeche Mode – Everything Counts
Trafik – Paid up in Full (Sharam Jay Mix)
Tesla Boy – Runaway Boy
Boys Noise – Oh!
Felguk – Mutha Beatz


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