March 2012 setlists

MARCH 11, 2012 (* denotes request)

Monty Cantsin – Blood and Gold
Nash the Slash – Reactor #2
Severed Heads – Oscar’s Grind
Skinny Puppy – Smothered Hope
Sleep Chamber – Warm Leatherette
Front 242 – WYHIWYG
Laibach – Geburt Einer Nation
Mechanical Cabaret – Let’s Go To Bed
Cabaret Voltaire – Do The Mussolini
Institute of Technology – Theme to Mary Tyler Moore
Front Line Assembly – Resist
Sect – Andromeda Storm
Chris & Cosey – Exotica
Encephalon – Garden
Soviet Radio – Dark Days
Eisenfunk – Werbepause
Kode IV – Accelerate
DAF – Alle Gegen Alle
Greater Than One – Alpha 5

Leather Strip – Nothing Seen Nothing Done

IAMX – After Every Party I Die
Juno Reactor – God is God
Diary of Dreams – Killers
Ego Likeness – Save Your Serpent (Light as a Feather mix)
Icon of Coil – Fiction
the Azoic – Evolution (Dillusional mix)
Ayria – Disease
Suicidal Romance – We’re Wanting More
Funker Vogt – Maschine Zeit
Namnambulu – Memories
Hiemataerde – Endlos
Qntal – Am Morgan Fruo (remix)
Die Form – Rain of Blood
And One – Get you Closer
Psyclon Nine – As you Sleep
Cesuim 137 – Endure (Encoder mix)

Faith and the Muse – Shattered Aspect (re-mix)
Suicide Commando – Love Breeds Suicide *
Felguk – Dance Forever
Blackwings Project – R U Ready
Neelix – You’re Under Control
Project Pitchfork – Timekiller
Necessary Response – Spilling Blood
Alice in Videoland – MF
Depeche Mode – Black Celebration
Apoptygma Berzerk – Non Stop Violence
Das Ich – Gott ist Tot
Kosheen – Suicide
Snog – Cliche
Covenant – Call the Ships to Port
Eco – Schmutz
Machine in the Garden – Wonderland


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