Setlists 9 March 2014

DJ Murnau
Chris + Cosey – Raining Tears of Blood
Cabaret Voltaire – Do the Mussolini
Nash the Slash – Pretty Folks
Rational Youth – City of Night
Severed Heads – 20 Deadly Diseases
Terminal Beach – Love on Auto
Human League – Rock N’ Roll/ Nightclubbin’
CCCP – American Soviets
Hard Corps – Dirty
Berlin Express – Die Russen Kommen
Seeming – Goodbye London*
Sudden Sway – Omnispend Sway (jingle)
Volt 9000 – Game of Drones
Sudden Sway – Romeoplan (jingle)
Kraftwerk – Computerlove
Skinny Puppy – Assimiliate
OHM – Car Crash

DJ Corvix

In Strict Confidence – Kiss Your Shadow
Ministry – I Prefer
Spahn Ranch – Breath and Taxes…
Glis – Nightvision (2.0)
Die Form – Slavesex
FGFC820 – Killing Fields
Xentrifuge – Evolution
Nurzery Rhymes – Circle of Pain
Disconnected – Adrenaline (feat. Frank M Spinath)
C-Drone Defect – Morituri Te Salutant
DYM – Autonomy of the Will
GenCAB – Love and Death
Painbastard – Fool in Love
Chainreactor – Gas Panic

DJ Saccharide setlist to come


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