Yes folks, despite what the poster says, we will have the next CIRCUIT BREAKER on Sunday 20 April… so delay that gratification by just seven days.

But it’s Easter Sunday, so you can stay out late, and arise on Monday!

(to the tune of “O God Our Help In Ages Past”, but pick up the tempo a bit)

Oh Zombie Jesus Don’t Bite Me

On the third day did Jesus rise
Of this we all are sure
But still one question we must ask,
Is, “Were His motives pure?”

The rock rolled back and He came forth
Into the light of day
Parts of Him had gone light green
And others were quite gray

His steady stare and shambling gait
Did not the crowd dismay
Until he seized an Apostle
And tore his arm away

Dear Jesus broke up Simon’s skull
And ate the goo inside
His followers ran for the hills
And scattered far and wide

But still He did catch one or two
And gave them each a bite
They died and rose to be undead
And carry on the fight

O Zombie Jesus don’t bite me
Please leave me with my brains
And save me from your followers
Their pamphlets and refrains



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