Setlists 13 December 2015

We close out our fourth year with a nicely attended night!

DJ Murnau

Nash The Slash – Dance After Curfew (club mix)
Z-Effektor – Spinnlein
The Mao Tse Tung Experience – Irregular Times
Chris and Cosey – Chiron
Blutengel- Soul Of Ice
Rational Youth – City of Night
Orange Sector- Endzeit
Psyborg Corp – Angels We Have Heard on High (protoniced_version)
 The Ritual
Skinny Puppy – Film
Throbbing Gristle – Hot On The Heels Of Love (Ratcliffe Remix)
The Residents – Diskomo 2000
Emily Faryna – HOM
Chris Carter – Moonlight
Gary Numan – Down In The Park
Ayria – Winter Love Song
Digital Factor – Bloody Christmas
Jabberwock – Xparty (Xmas Xceptional Version)
Eisenfunk – Jinglefunk


DJ Corvix
setlist missing


Thanks everyone, let’s launch into 2016!


MP3 file of set, at a compact 48kbps:


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