Setlists 10 January 2016

We launch into our fifth year!


DJ Murnau

Danielle Dax – Bed Caves
Emily Faryna – Fuck The Dog
Nash The Slash – Wolf
Noise Unit – Bahnhof
Severed Heads – Now, An Explosive New Movie
Apoptygma Berzerk – Unicorn
Panzer Disco – Tanzmarsch V8
Yaz – Don’t Go (cover version)
Einstuerzende Neubauten – The Interimlovers
Sturm Café – Stiefelfabrik
Feindflug – Ersatzteil
The Invincible Spirit – Provoke You
Modulate – Download Me (Modulate Mix)
Lost Children – Warm Leatherette
Gary Numan – Dead Heaven (Extended Mix)
Electric Hellfire Club – Tannhauser Gate

MP3 file, at a stingy 24k:

DJ Corvix

to come

DJ Saccharide

to come


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Owner, operator.
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