Setlists 21 February 2016

(no apologies for two EN videos in a row, ’cause this one is worth seeing even more!)

DJ Murnau

Chrome – Meet You In The Subway
Nash the Slash – Dance After Curfew
Johnn Foxx – Underpass (Reeder’s Sinister Subway Radio Remix)
Neon Judgement – Chinese Black
Magnetic Stripper – Warm Leatherette (cell faulted mix)
Kraftwerk – Numbers
3TEETH – Final Product (16bit Master)
Solitary Experiments – Terrible Reality (Paranoia Dream Mix By Sacred Complex)
Chu Ishikawa – Sand II
Skinny Puppy – Far Too Frail
T3RR0R 3RR0R – We Came To Party
Lola Angst – Happy Love Song
Straftanz – Straftanz
Einstuerzende Neubauten – Z.N.S
Esplendor Geometrio – Moscu Esta Helado (Moscow Is Frozen)
Parade Ground – Strange World
Click Click – Sweet Stuff
Cabaret Voltaire – Twanky Party
Girls under Glass – Down in the Park (New Version)
Gary Numan – America [7” Remix)

DJ Corvix

VNV Nation – Genesis
Waves Under Water – Serpents and the Tree
Schwarz Stein – Rise to Heaven
Light Asylum – Dark Allies
Cold Cave – People Are Poison
Bella Morte – Relics
Winter Severity Index – A Sudden Cold – HøRD remix
Editors – Life is a Fear
Neuroticfish – Is it Dead
Lola Angst – Wild Boars on the Floor
Die Krupps – Risikofaktor
C-Lekktor – Radioakktivity
Surgyn – Aesthetics (Are a Moral Imperative)
Machinista – Molecules & Carbon
Iris – Sing, Dark Choir
The Break Up – Who’s Crying Now
Alice in Videoland – Emily

DJ Saccharide

Attrition – Scenario
Herzschlag – Steh Auf!
Colony 5 – Absolute Religion
Seabound – Torn
Skinny Puppy – Deep Down Trauma Hounds
Ashbury Heights – Derrick is a Strange Machine
Nekrodamus – Burning Wild
Claire Voyant – Iolite (Octaine mix)
Twilight Laboratory – Zero Signal
Covenant – Like Tears in Rain
Sero.Overdose – Einsamkeit (remix)
Ego Likeness – Breedless
NeuroticFish – MFAPL
IWR – Ketamine Sedation
genCAB – Of Love and Death
Athamay – Kiss the Whip – One Day
Dead Can Dance – the Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove


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