Setlists 13 March 2016

Thanks to everyone who braved the storm to come out and dance!

DJ Murnau

Klaus Nomi – I Feel Love
Nash The Slash – In Search of Prey
Cabaret Voltaire – Do The Mussolini
Chu Ishikawa – Narrowed Diff (from Bullet Ballet OST)
Chris and Cosey – Love Cuts
Combichrist – Sex Drogen und Industrie (LowTech Mix)
Eden – Subhuman
Skinny Puppy – Social Deception
X-Marks The Pedwalk – Mirthless Knick Knack
Gin Devo – Warm Leatherette
Straftanz – Out of Time
Noise Unit – Firing Line
Eisenfunk – Skudrinka
Laibach – Now You Will Pay
Severed Heads – Goodbye Tonsils
Sturm Café – Scheissnormal
Girls under Glass – Der Mussolini

DJ Corvix

Sonoio – Thanks For Calling
Zola Jesus – Night
Light Asylum – Dark Allies
Athamay – Kiss the Whip*
Edge of Dawn – Damage
Endanger – Inside
In Strict Confidence – Seven Lives
Diary of Dreams – Chemicals
Sara Noxx – Colder and Colder
E Nomine – Die Runen Von Asgard
Die Form – Slavesex
Die Krupps – Fatherland (Andrew Eldritch Remix)
Umbra et Imago and Wolfsheim – Lieber Gott
Mantus – Wie ein Engel
Ego Likeness – Treacherous Thing
Dead When I Found Her – Downpour
Winter Severity Index – A Sudden Cold (HøRD Remix)

DJ Saccharide

Ashbury Heights – Spiders (remix by Unterart)
Ego Likeness – Infidel
the Retrosic – Maneater
System Syn – I am Here
Diary of Dreams – Haus Der Stille 
NeuroticFish – I Don’t Need the City
Apoptygma Berzerk – Deep Red
Assemblage 23 – Ground (Darker version)
VNV Nation – Chrome
SITD – MK Ultra (Suicide Commando remix)
Derma-Tek – TWEP
Encephalon – Daylight (remix)
Attrition – Legitimate Son
Leæther Strip – Sex Dwarf
And One – Panzermensch


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