PlagueList 1

For all those under house arrest right now… not a disease-themed set, just some things that sounded OK to me when played in sequence.

Stay well, everyone.

Race of Doom – Devo
Tanz Mit Laibach – Laibach
Final Solution – Père Abu
Taste of Cindy – Jesus and Mary Chain
Augenblick – Xmal Deutschland
Robot – The Plastics
Blue Monday – New Order
Lobotomy – NEON
Dominion – Sisters of Mercy
Uber den Horizont (Dance or Die remix) – Blutengel
Wolf – Nash the Slash
Lucky Number (Wir Leben Immer Noch) – Nina Hagen
Demolition Man – Grace Jones
Christine – Siouxsie and the Banshees
Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division
Tantalize – Chris & Cosey
I Die: You Die – Gary Numan

MP3 sound file, VBR 45-85K:

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Soundtrack to a game: Civil Power

I’ve been designing games (board games, not computer games) for a lot longer than I was ever DJing. In the new year a revised version of Civil Power, a tactical-level game I designed on urban riots and mayhem, will be published by a company called Conflict Simulations. I first designed this game back in 1991-92, and it came with a set of scenarios taken from history and then-contemporary headlines… this new version has a lot of changes informed by over 25 years of designing in between, and a whole new cast of global angst and violence.

So I thought, why not make a playlist to serve as a sort of soundtrack to playing it? The above is 78 minutes of anti-authority music of many genres (most of them loud and snotty), in an easy-to-handle 44K VBR. Hope you enjoy, even if you don’t order my game!

Track listing:

Glory to Hong Kong – anonymous student rebel orchestra
Tommy Gun – The Clash
Fist – Test Department
Solidaritätslied – Ernst Busch Chorus (film clip)
Landlord – Test Department
Ready to Blow – KMFDM
Babylon’s Burning – The Ruts
Wake Up – Rage Against the Machine
Riot – Dead Kennedys
Ghetto Defendant – The Clash
All That I wanted – Belfegore
Smash It Up – International Noise Conspiracy
Kick Out The Jams – MC5
Fight The Power – Public Enemy
Rise Above – Black Flag
Killing In The Name – Rage Against The Machine
Guns of Brixton – The Clash
Police Truck – Dead Kennedys
Wild in the Streets – Circle Jerks
General Strike – DOA
Clampdown – The Clash

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Slimelight Industrial And Gothic Metal Mix by Jo The Waiter — JO THE WAITER

Here you have a collection of tracks I often play late in the night on the Goth & Wave floor. You’ll find bands like Die Krupps, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails etc. If you enjoy my mix, please give it a like and a share as it helps me out. Thanks Jo The Waiter […]

via Slimelight Industrial And Gothic Metal Mix by Jo The Waiter — JO THE WAITER

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Setlist: Erinnerung 11 Nov 18

Monkeying around with music, a fall mix on the day of the fallen.

Metropolis – Nash the Slash
Halloween – Sonic Youth
Bloody Pleasures – Blutengel
This is Me – Chris and Cosey
Hamburger Lady (Carter Tutti remix) – Throbbing Gristle
Basement – Skinny Puppy
Down in the Park (Club Mix) – Girls Under Glass
Emily – Clan of Xymox
When the Machines Rock – Tubeway Army
Dead Souls – Joy Division
Immobilized – Front Line Assembly
Underpass – John Foxx
Tannhäuser Gate – Electric Hellfire Club
This is the Ice Age – Martha and the Muffins
Ice Breaker – Skinny Puppy
Shipwrecked – The Gothic Archies
Numbers – Kraftwerk

MP3 sound file, at a thrifty yet lusty 64K:

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Setlist: Springenswanderung 2018

Wandering around a Youtube list, I chose some titles I enjoyed and made a set for springtime.

Nash the Slash – Dance After Curfew (club mix)
Anne Clark – Our Darkness
No More – Suicide Commando
Hilary – Kinetic (extended version)
Fred Schneider – Monster (extended 12” version)
Welle:Erdball – Deutsche Liebe
Danielle Dax – Bed Caves
Soviet Radio – Dark Days
Dead Husband – Plastic Mind
Orchestra Obsolete – Blue Monday (cover)
Lords of Acid – I Sit on Acid (extended remix)
NEON – Lobotomy
Sturm Cafe – Stiefelfabrik
Space – Magic Fly
Eurythmics – Sexcrime (1984 Disco Perfection mix)

MP3 file:

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Setlist: Dance After Curfew, end 2017

Just for fun and to finish off 2017, a 90 minute setlist by DJ Murnau:

Nash The Slash – Metropolis
Nash the Slash – Dance After Curfew (Club Mix)
Cabaret Voltaire – A Touch Of Evil
Blutengel – Bloody Pleasures
Boytronic – Blue Velvet (Razormaid Remix)
Kill Switch… Klick – Decanonized
Laibach – Now You Will Pay
Skinny Puppy – Basement
Girls Under Glass – Down in the Park (Club Mix)
Bella Morte – Relics
Soviet Radio – Dark Days
Tubeway Army – When The Machines Rock
Joy Division – Dead Souls
Soviet Radio ft. Tamara Kent – Control
Die Form – Doctor X
Blutengel – Uber Den Horizont (Dance Or Die Remix)
The Electric Hellfire Club – Tannhauser Gate
Martha & The Muffins – This Is the Ice Age
Bauhaus – Of Lilies and Remains (Edit)
Skinny Puppy – Addiction
The Sisters Of Mercy – Gimme Shelter
Xmal Deutschland – XMas In Australia

Yeah, I broke some rules.
Just having a little fun and testing harmonic mixing compatibility and the new version of VirtualDJ.

Mp3 file of set, at a hearty 44.1 kbps:

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Setlists: final Circuit Breaker, 15 May 2016

DJ Murnau

Emily Faryna – I’ve Got A Steel Bar In My Head
Residents – Hello Skinny
Manufacture – As the End Draws Near
Laibach – Bruderschaft
Severed Heads – Exploring the Secrets of Treating Deaf Mutes
Magnetic Stripper – Warm Leatherette
Einsturzende Neubauten – Vanadium I-Ching
VNV Nation – Legion
Covenant – Replicant
Solitary Experiments – Paradox
Bob Hope’s Nuclear Attack Public Service Announcement
Suicide – Ghost rider
Straftanz – Out of Time
Wumpscut – Soylent Green
Birmingham 6 – This Girl
Trauma – The City Sleeps (club mix)
Front Line Assembly – Mindphaser
Blutengel – Uns Gehort die Nacht
Corvus Corax – Avanti!

MP3 file of set, at a compact 48kbps:


DJ Corvix

C-Drone Defect – Morituri Te Salutant
Dead When I Found Her – Better Days
Krystal System – Un Etat D’hypnose
Sister Machine Gun – Sins of the Flesh
Numb – Ratblast
Spahn Ranch – Locusts
Front Line Assembly – Provision (Aphex Twin Mix)
Destroid – Revolution
Colony 5 – Knives
Das Ich – Opferzeit
The Private Gentlemen’s Yacht Club – Biscuitkunt
Rotersand – War on Error
Waves Under Water – Red Red Star
Pretentious, Moi? – Sense in Segments
Sara Noxx – Colder and Colder
Surgyn – Sharp as Stars
System Syn – Like Every Insect


DJ Saccharide

genCAB – Of Love and Death
Dismantled – Breed to Death
Numb – Blood (Crash and Burn edit)
Diary of Dreams – Giftraum
Heimataerde – Endlos
NamNamBulu – Memories
Necessary Response – Spilling Blood
Qntal – Am Morgen Fruh (remix by Bruno Kramm)
And One – Smalltown Boy (live)
FGFC820 – Martyrdom
Tactical Sekt – Without Restraint
Wumpscut – Christfuck
Faun – Rhiannon
the Last Dance – Fairytale the Storm (Form 30 mix)
Leæther Strip – Sex Dwarf
Hamtaro theme song
Switchblade Symphony – Dollhouse (Razed in Black mix)


G’nite, everybody!

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Setlists: April 10, 2016

Thanks for coming to the penultimate show!

DJ Murnau*

SPK – Invocation
Emily Faryna – HOM
Skinny Puppy – Far Too Frail
Grace Jones – Warm Leatherette (DJ Emma Partnow remix)
Trans-X – Living On Video (85 Big Mix)
Nash The Slash – In Search Of Prey
Greater Than One – Kunst Gleich Kapital
Test Dept – Fuckhead
Boris Karloff – civil defense spot PSA:  protect your home
Einstürzende Neubauten – Abfackeln!
Fortran 5 – Love Baby [Electropathy Mix]
Chris and Cosey – Love Cuts
Miss Construction – Miss Construction Theme
Laibach – Now You Will Pay
Girls under Glass – Halloween
Gary Numan – Tracks
And One – Panzermensch**
Front Line Assembly – The Final Impact

* This set was mostly the first set I played at CB (January 2011), but arranged differently.
**This just ’cause I’ve never played it in 5 years of DJing Circuit Breaker!

MP3 file of set, at a compact 48kbps:

DJ Corvix

Bigod 20 – The Bog
Beborn Beton – Dr. Channard
Front Line Assembly – Neologic Spasm
Grendel – New Flesh*
Pride and Fall – December
Neuroticfish – Prostitute
VNV Nation – Saviour (Vox)
XMH – Neon Venus
Destroid – Lucretia My Reflection
Aural Vampire – Darkwave Surfer
Bespa Kumamero – Snipe_001
Toxic Strawberry – Melty Poison Cake
Rotersand – Exterminate Annihilate Destroy
Chainreactor – Gas Panic
C-Lekktor – Radioakktivity
Waves Under Water – Serpents and the Tree
DJ Saccharide setlist to come

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Penultimate Circuit Breaker: April 10, 2016


Comrades and Friends,
We’ve decided to hang it up, at least for now.
Circuit Breaker has been a monthly night since the beginning of 2011: more than five years – that is an extremely long time for a regular music event in Victoria.
We’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot (I know I have), but we’d like to take a break, at least for the next while.
This Circuit Breaker will be the next-to-last one; we will do it again in May, to fulfil the Prophecy of the Poster, and that will be it.
C’mon, don’t be sad… but if there’s going to be weeping and gnashing of teeth, save it for April 10!
Come join us and let’s get a wailing wall going in front of the DJ table!

This website will remain, meanwhile.

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Father and Son Kraftwerk

So darn cute!

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